Manufacturing & Testing Technology

Basic seminar Cleaning Technology

Only available in German.

The cleaning technology is an integral part of the process chain of manufacturing a product and a cross-sectional issue for mechanical and plant engineering as well as the industrial and chemical engineering. Acquire the knowledge of methodical and systematic approach in the cleaning technology where it's developed: at the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance.


Industrial Adhesive Bonding Technology

Adhesive bonding is fast becoming one of the most important industrial joining methods. Special training and qualifications are already required to apply this technology in sectors such as the automotive and wind turbine industries. The Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM offers three vocational training courses in this field, enabling participants to qualify as an Adhesive Engineer, Adhesive Specialist or Adhesive Bonder.

Fiber Composite Technology

A number of industries are increasing their use of fiber-reinforced plastics, including the shipbuilding and aerospace industries and the automotive sector. This has led to a boom in demand for qualified experts in fiber composite technologies. Since 2007, the Plastics Competence Center at Fraunhofer IFAM has been offering accredited courses that provide participants with specialist skills in the field of fiber-reinforced plastics.

Electronic Packaging and Interconnection: hand soldering and rework soldering

High-tech industries that use ultra-reliable PCB assemblies to manufacture their products rely on trained personnel with application-specific know-how and practical expertise in assembling electronic circuits. Fraunhofer EMFT provides training in the fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections.

Chip and wire bonding

Only available in German.

Wire bonding is the most common interconnection technology for semiconductors and micro components. Achieving top-notch reliability in the field of microelectronic and microsystem components requires well-trained personnel who know how to create the right organizational and technical environment and ensure top-quality execution of the steps involved in the assembly process. Fraunhofer EMFT offers three-day courses in chip and wire bonding.


Crimping according to industry standard

The increasing electrification within many industries poses a challenge for joining techniques. Crimp technology can meet this challenge. The Fraunhofer EMFT in Oberpfaffenhofen offers a seminar which primarily deals with the construction of stable crimp connections according to established and up-to-date standards.


Non-destructive Testing: Digital Radiology

Digital radiology can help to identify even the tiniest defects, particularly in the field of weld seam inspection and in the automotive industry. The Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT runs a two-stage course which focuses in particular on the application of digital image processing and the preparation of test specifications.


Non-destructive Testing: 3D Computed Tomography

New methods such as 3D computed tomography offer reliable results in the fields of fiber layer measurement, defect detection, spatially resolved density distribution and dimensional measuring. The course run by Fraunhofer IIS covers the topics of measurement quality and image evaluation/exploitation based on manufacturer-independent quality standards.

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) »Safety and Security Engineering«

Only available in German.

The security of systems concerns both potential hazards to humans and the environment as well as possible external influences (accidents, catastrophes, wanton manipulation) which can impair the functionality of the system. For manufacturers and those responsible for such systems, the safety-related proof becomes more and more challenging and the corresponding qualification of the involved personnel more and more important.

Quality control in wood-based material production

Only available in German.

In addition to general normative and material-specific fundamentals for the production and application of wood-based materials, you will learn about comprehensive content on factory production control (WPK) as well as the requirements and methods of detection of emissions and mechanical properties of wood-based materials.

Additive Manufacturing

Only available in German.

Additive manufacturing processes, colloquially referred to as "3-D printing", open up a variety of new possibilities in the design of products and their production. Actively using these new design options for your own products is the key to realizing innovations. This requires specialists who have extensive knowledge of additive technologies.


Seminar »Printed Electronics using Screen Printing Technology«

Function-integrated components are in the focus of different industrial companies. Additive manufacturing processes and functional printing enable a high functional density and customer-specific product customization. In addition to intensive research and development, new technologies also require well-founded training and further education of specialists.