Information & Communication

Interactive approaches to a digital future

Intelligent and distributed IT is the basis of modern software solutions, and reliability and intuitive usability are the key to market success. Our training programs in information and communication technologies focus on all of these key aspects, drawing on the very latest research and real-life applications.


Mastering PLM

The efficient handling of product data and development knowledge is one of the key challenges in today's product development. The interaction between digital technology and modeling, information networking, software functionality and the processes and methods for needs-based decision-making along the entire product and factory life must still be established as a core competence.  


Data Scientist Training Series

The courses in this training program are aimed at business developers, analysts and application developers who want to acquire qualifications in the field of data science. The training program includes both courses on fundamentals of big data, as well as modules for specific fields of application. The one to two-day training courses with a maximum of ten participants and conducted by two experienced instructors offer the best opportunities to meet individual needs.


Master Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Advances in medical devices and the automotive industry are increasingly likely to be achieved through the tight coupling of hardware and software components, generally referred to as “embedded systems”. The Masters in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems also covers project management skills and the development of complex, software-intensive systems.


Cybersecurity Training Lab

Professionally trained IT security specialists are a rare commodity in Germany. So as not to fall behind in the arms race with cyber criminals, IT teams and managers must constantly hone their skills and improve their expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead. Several Fraunhofer Institutes and universities of applied sciences are now offering a modular, part-time study program to alleviate the unmet demand for training opportunities.


Mastering Digital Twins

Are you looking for new ways to drive business value and not lag behind? Boost your management or engineering career with an in-depth understanding of this essential Industry 4.0 tool and stand out with knowledgeable answers to questions about how to realise the potential of a digital twin approach. “Mastering Digital Twins” is designed as a modular blended learning programme suitable for different professionals according to their training needs. Don't miss your chance and sign up for the course! 


Quantum Technology Professional

Quantum mechanics provides the basis for a new computing paradigm. In the 1990s Shor's algorithm which exponentially speeds up classical integer factorization demonstrated the theoretical power of quantum computers. Recently, the development of quantum computers is making great progress and we need to learn how we can use the advantage of quantum computers. 

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