Fiber Composite Technology

Fiber Composite Technology at the Plastics Competence Center in Bremen

Since 1994, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen is offering advanced training in the field of Adhesive Bonding Technology and Fiber Composite Technology. As a result two educational institutions developed at the Fraunhofer IFAM: The Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology and the Plastics Competence Center, which both are AZAV-certified and thus are eligible for funding by using education vouchers from the Employment Agency.

A selection of our courses

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specialist

The course provides training for employees involved in designing fiber reinforced plastics and planning their industrial manufacture. The course teaches the participants how to select suitable raw materials and manufacturing methods in order to meet the requirements of the resulting FRP product. After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to select a suitable matrix system to manufacture a high-qualifty FRP component.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Remanufacturer

The participants will be trained to repair fiber composites and to work in industrial production. The training course qualifies participants how to effectively follow work instructions for their particular work tasks. After successful completion of the course they are able to process and repair high-quality fiber composite structures. The course is recognized as a training course in accordance with DIN 27201-13.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer

The course covers the various components of fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs), the processing of these components into FRPs, and the requirements on FRPs. The course participants learn about the key aspects of manufacturing FRPs. This knowledge is enhanced by practical assignments in order to create familiarity with the materials and to teach the participants how to identify and prevent sources of defects.

Fiber Composite Engineer

The course adresses engineers and scientists of all disciplines and industries who want to learn to use composite technology. The training leading to the fiber composite engineer is modular. Apart from the basic module, which is mandatory, participants will have the opportunity to choose from two assembly areas, each with four modules and each ending with an exam. After passing the exam, participants receive the certificate identifying them as "fiber-composite engineer".


Lightweight Professional

Need to lose some wight? Become a "lightweight professional"!

Within the framework of the LightRight innovation project we conceptualised in collaboration with Fraunhofer institutes, EIT RawMaterials and European universities and research institutes a 3-day Lightweight Professional course. The course is aimed at professionals in industry whose work involves the planning and manufacturing of lightweight products.