Advisory Committee of the Fraunhofer Academy

Dr. Christoph Anz - Director of Education Policy, BMW Group

Dr. Anz holds a PhD in History, Scandinavian Studies and Political Science. After completing his degree, he joined the Max-Plank-Institute for History in Göttingen, where he undertook research especially on socio-historical subjects and diverse aspects of the history of science.

He then moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where he supported the establishment of the Södertörns University. This experience led him to become involved in the education policy field, so that upon his return to Germany, it became the focus of his professional activities.

As Deputy Manager of the Department of Education of the Confederation of German Employers' Association (BDA), he represented companies' interests in the continuing education and higher education sector on a national and international level (Bologna and Copenhagen-Process).

Since 2007, he has been responsible for the Education Policy of the BMW Group. Additionally, he is actively engaged in the higher education and research sector as lecturer, member of the European Quality Association Register Committee (EQAR), as well as member of decision-making bodies of various accreditation agencies.