Advisory Committee of the Fraunhofer Academy

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schumacher

Hermann Schumacher has been head of the School of Advanced Professional Studies (SAPS), a joint academic institution of the University of Ulm and the Ulm University of Technology, since 2011. SAPS coordinates the activities of both institutions in the field of in-service academic continuing education and offers both in-service master's programs and certificate studies including Certificates of Advanced Studies and Diplomas of Advanced Studies. 

During the federal-state competition "Advancement through Education: Open Universities", Professor Schumacher was a member of the competition's circle of university leaders and coordinated this group in recent years. He is currently involved in the HRK's AG Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (Working Group on Academic Continuing Education).

Professor Schumacher received his doctorate in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University in 1986. After four years as a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Communications Research in Red Bank, NJ, he was appointed to the University of Ulm in 1990. He has been involved in scientific education since 1997, when he co-founded the Academy for Science, Business and Technology at the University of Ulm. He was a member of the association's board until the end of 2020.

His research activities cover semiconductor heterostructure devices, especially in the material system silicon/germanium and their circuit applications in the field of millimeter-wave circuit technology.