Advisory Committee of the Fraunhofer Academy

The Advisory Committee of the Fraunhofer Academy was established in June 2012. Its main function is to advise the Fraunhofer Academy on relevant future-oriented matters.

The committee members are representatives from the educational research sector, industry, education-related professional organizations and educational institutions.

Members of the Advisory Committee:


Prof. Dr. Alexander Kurz

Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President Personnel and Legal Affairs, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kurz (born 1961) studied law in Tübingen and Regensburg. After the legal professional training of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, he completed his law studies with the second state law examination in 1988. He received his PhD in administrative science (Dr. rer. publ.) at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer. From 1989 to 2000, he held various positions at the Research Center of Karlsruhe, where he was most recently Head of the Department of Personnel and Social Affairs. He then moved to the European nuclear research center (CERN) in Geneva.


Dr. Christoph Anz

Director of Education Policy, BMW Group

Dr. Anz holds a PhD in History, Scandinavian Studies and Political Science. After completing his degree, he joined the Max-Plank-Institute for History in Göttingen, where he undertook research especially on socio-historical subjects and diverse aspects of the history of science. He then moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where he supported the establishment of the Södertörns University. This experience led him to become involved in the education policy field, so that upon his return to Germany, it became the focus of his professional activities.


Michael Dams

Executive Director of Central Europe, National Instruments

Mr. Michael Dams is Executive Director Central Europe (D-A-CH) at National Instruments (NI), one of the leading providers of hard- and software for measurement, simulation, automation engineering and graphical system design (Software: NI LabVIEW). After completing his degree in electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Mr. Dams worked in the field of energy research and system integration. In 1990, he joined the then newly founded German branch of the American company National Instruments (NI).


Dirk Deuster

Director of Robert Bosch Kolleg and Bosch Training Center
In his function of director of the "corporate university"- Robert Bosch Kolleg- and of the Bosch Training Centers, he is responsible for continuing education at Robert Bosch GmbH. In addition he is responsible for the competence management and management of trainings.


Prof. Dr. Anke Hanft

Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning, University of Oldenburg

Since 2000, Prof. Dr. Hanft has been Professor for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning at the University of Oldenburg. She is Head of the Department for Continuing Education and Education Management (we.b) and Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L). She is the Research Director of the Schulenberg Institute of Educational Research, which undertakes academic research and is engaged in the award of credit for the learning achievements of vocational training for various universities.


Prof. Dr. Helmut Hoyer

Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen

Since 1997, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hoyer has been Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen. During his term of office as Rector, the FernUniversität positioned itself successfully in the e-Learning/blended learning field. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hoyer gained valuable experience in Higher Education Management during his role as Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and as a Vice Rector of Planning and Research.


Prof. em. Dr. Jürg Manella

Former director of the Executive MBA HSG, University of St. Gallen

After completing his studies and his PhD in Psychology, Prof. Dr. Manella worked for the MZSG Management Zentrum St. Gallen from 1977 to 1997 as project manager, vice president, managing partner, co-owner and member of the board of directors.


Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert

President of the Berlin University for Professional Studies

Since January 1, 2009, Prof. Dr. Pellert has been founding President and Professor of Education and Competence Management at the Berlin University for Professional Studies. From 2005 to 2008, Prof. Dr. Pellert was Professor of Continuing Education Research and Educational Management and Vice Rector for Teaching, Continuing Education and Structural Issues at Danube University, Krems. Previoulsy, she was Vice Rector for Teaching, Staff Development and Equal Opportunity at the University of Graz.


Dr. Ingo Rollwagen

Expert for Corporate Foresight, Technology and Education, Deutsche Bank Research

Since 2004, Dr. Rollwagen has been working as expert for Corporate Foresight, Technology and Education for the Deutsche Bank Research and the Alfred-Herrhausen Society, the International Forum of Deutsche Bank. Previously, he had worked for several years for the DaimlerChrysler's Society and Technology Research Group in Berlin.