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Digital twins explained

A digital twin is the digital image of a real product or process. With this digital transformation companies can save costs, identify vulnerabilities at an early stage, and plan long term processes.

The digital twin is more than just a digital replica – it consists of a whole bundle of data that displays changes and their impact in real time.

Mastering Digital Twins” is designed as a modular online learning program suitable for different professionals according to their training needs. It will give you an in-depth knowledge about all the lifecycle phases of digital twins (ideation, design, development, operation and end of life), and a clear understanding of their business potential in different industry scenarios. The course is split into three modules:

  • Certified Digital Twins Business Consultant
  • Certified Digital Twins Solutions Architect
  • Certified Digital Twins Technical Developer

You can choose the most relevant skills set according to personal profile and interest.

Please consider that only the Digital Twins Business Consultant Module will be offered in 2021.

Digital Twins Business Consultant

  • Online coursework: enroll anytime
  • Online expert seminar: enroll anytime
  • Certification Dates: June 10, 2021 OR November 25, 2021

Interested in our upcoming modules?

Our Certified Digital Twins Solutions Architect and Technical Developer are going to be launched soon.  


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Type of event
Package 1 – Online self-paced learning course: 2 weeks (commitment 3-5 hours per week) Package 2 – Online self-paced learning course and online expert seminar: 3 weeks (commitment 3-5 hours per week) Package 3 – Online self-paced learning course, online expert seminar and online certification exam: 3,5 weeks (commitment: 3-5 hours per week)
Fraunhofer IPK

Decision makers, consultants, heads of departments (e.g. production, product development and product managers in R&D) and technology experts (digital factory / product data management / product lifecycle management).


Certified Digital Twins Business Consultant

Gain fundamental knowledge of the business potential of digital twins and strategic approaches for their implementation in your company.

Designed for: Business Developers, Decision-makers, Consultants  

Certified Digital Twins Solutions Architect

Learn about digital twins’ underlying technologies and applications and gain a holistic view of the processes, methods and tools for their implementation.

Designed for: Operational Managers, Team Leaders   

Certified Digital Twins Technical Developer

Master the technological approach to create or integrate a digital twin solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Designed for: Technology Specialists


››› Holistic perspective on digital twins as a multi-faceted strategic topic instead of technology-only.

››› Three certification profiles on basic level available, tailored to the needs of consultants and managers, solution architects and developers in industry.

››› Self-determined extra occupational qualification on digital twins via online lectures. 

››› Application oriented content – compiled by experienced experts from industry and research.

››› Personal certification that sticks with you on your career.


Digital Twins Business Consultant  

  • Online self-paced learning coursework: enroll anytime 
  • Online expert seminar: enroll anytime
  • Certification dates:  ­June 10, 2021 OR November 25, 2021

Upon successful examination, participants receive a Certificate from the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority

The program offers different Learning Packages that you can book independently according to your individual learning needs: 

  • Package 1 – Online self-paced learning course: 495,– €
  • Package 2 – Online self-paced learning course and online expert seminar: 995,– €
  • Package 3 – Online self-paced learning course, online expert seminar and online certification exam: 1685,– €
  • Package 4 – Online self-paced learning course and online certification exam: 1185,– €

Online certification exam only: 690,– €

Inhouse seminars are available on request.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark

Rainer Stark is professor for Industrial Information Technology at the Technical University of Berlin and Director of the Virtual Product Creation division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK. His main research areas are: Smart Product Engineering, Model-based Systems Engineering; CAE, CAD/CAM system & modelling; PDM technology, Virtual Engineering: Digital Mockup, VR, Smart Hybrid Prototyping, Digital Factory, Product creation process optimization.



Helena Ebel

Helena holds a master's degree in industrial engineering and gained practical experience as an SAP consultant over several years. She was involved in implementation, customizing and programming projects for SAP FI, SAP BI and S/4 Hana. Currently she is a Ph.D. student and is doing research in the field of Data Engineering for Product Development.


Sonika Gogineni

Sonika has a mixed educational background in Instrumentation engineering and production engineering. She enjoys working on smart products and smart services, not just the research side of developing methodologies for them but also actually bringing them to life.


Friedrich Halstenberg

Friedrich is a keen researcher and experienced professional focusing on digitization, servitization and sustainability. He honed his managerial skills as director of the Collaborative Research Centre on Sustainable Manufacturing. Friedrich is a certified Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Professional and currently head of the PLM Professional training program at Fraunhofer IPK. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from TU Berlin, a master’s degree in management from Toulouse Business School, and was a visiting scholar of the University of Cambridge.



Maiara Rosa

Maiara is an aeronautical engineer with a Masters in Production Engineering from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). Her work experience encompasses three aeronautical companies, including Airbus and Embraer. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate, researching Servitization and the development of integrated solutions composed of products and services.


Kai Lindow

Kai has been engaged in industry-oriented research and development of PLM solutions for more than 10 years. Digital value creation and the ability of companies to digitally transform their product development and process planning play a major role in this context. Currently, the following topics are on his agenda: digital twins, (advanced) systems engineering, data consistency and smart services. He is head of department for Information and Process Control in the Fraunhofer business unit Virtual Product Creation.