Fiber Composite Technology

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer

Since 2012 courses on fiber-reinforced plastic remanufacturers, which specifically deal with the repair of fiber-reinforced composites, are held at the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen.

Objectives of the training course
The course covers the various components of fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs), the processing of these components into FRPs, and the requirements on FRPs. The course participants learn about the key aspects of manufacturing FRPs. This knowledge is enhanced by practical assignments in order to create familiarity with the materials and to teach the participants how to identify and prevent sources of defects. The participants are also given an insight into the various applications of FRPs and manufacturing methods. At the end of the course the participants are able to identify and avoid defects during the manufacture of FRPs and they understand the special features of these materials.

Duration of the training course and examination
The total duration of the course, including the examination, is 40 hours (one week). To aid the learning, the theoretical part is backed up by a large number of practical assignments. The course ends with an oral and practical assignments. The course ends with an oral and practical examination. The examination must be taken within a period of 18 month of completing the course. A prerequisite for taking the examination is regular attendance at the course sessions.

Target groups and preconditions for participation
The course is aimed at company employees whose work involves handling or fabricating fiber reinforced plastics and at those who wish to enter this technical field. Participants must have adequate knowledge of the course language to enable them to understand the course material and take the examination.

Course fee FRP-Manufacturer - FRP-F

The course fee is 1320 € and covers:

  • Course documentation
  • Certificate and CERT-IT certificate
  • Consumables for the practical assignments
  • Lunch and drinks during breaks

There is an additional one-off examination fee of 295 €.

Course dates including examination
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The number of participants is limited.
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