Pact for Research and Innovation

The Pact for Research and Innovation was signed by the heads of Germany’s federal and regional governments on June 23, 2005. The federal government and Länder undertook to support German research organizations up to and including the year 2010, thereby enabling these organizations to plan for the future with a greater degree of confidence. In return, the scientific and research organizations agreed to increase the quality, efficiency and performance of their respective research and development activities.

Fraunhofer founds the Fraunhofer Academy

Fraunhofer Academy

For companies to benefit directly from the latest research results, they need outstanding continuing education and training opportunities designed to promote efficient know-how transfer. Thanks to its close ties to industry, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is in the perfect position to run individually tailored training programs that boost the abilities of specialists and managers to innovate. Funding from the Pact for Research and Innovation was used to support the development of these training programs. In 2006, this resulted in the founding of the .

The aim of the is to offer high-quality continuing education and training opportunities to professionals and executives from business and industry based on the research work of the Fraunhofer institutes. All our courses are designed to incorporate Fraunhofer’s latest scientific and research findings, resulting in a direct transfer of knowledge to the course participants’ companies and organizations.