Structure of occupational premium courses of study in MINT-subjects

The Fraunhofer Academy, together with the University of Oldenburg and other universities and industry partners, is developing a total of nine different study programs in the MINT disciplines (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology).


The courses include master degree programs (weiterbildend - require postgraduate work experience), continuing education certificate programs, as well as the upgrading of existing study programs:

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The development of effective occupational courses of study require a number of complex design and implementation stages which differ significantly from the design of undergraduate courses or go beyond these:

  • time-and location-independent design of the learning process
  • use of collaborative e-learning and mobile technologies
  • (media)-didactic design according to the requirements of adult learners
  • quality assured recognition of professional competences

Target groups

The concepts of the study programs being developed are directed towards non-traditional target groups:

  • management trainees and junior managers who wish to study part-time
  • skilled personnel with family responsibilities
  • professionals returning to their jobs
  • graduates seeking a master's degree after first work experience
  • international students interested in studying should be addressed via the web-based offers