Mobile devices are useful in many everyday situations and help people to use their time efficiently, for example when traveling. A smartphone can be used to arrange appointments and a tablet PC or laptop enables urgent emails to be sent from anywhere.

The same applies to continuing education, where course participants want access to learning material not only at home but also when on the move. The mobile app and application-specific editor developed by the Fraunhofer Academy in collaboration with Ziemann.IT makes it possible to learn efficiently using a mobile device. The iAcademy app organizes the teaching content of the continuing education programs in a learning map based on modular units, with quizzes to monitor learning progress and additional multimedia content in the form of videos, graphics and learning games.

iAcademy Editor

The iAcademy Editor software makes it easy for authors to create their own learning apps. It includes an ‘Assessment’ module that enables you to create realistic assessments with multimedia content and configurable duration and scoring. As participants in the “Advancement through education: open universities” initiative sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the ongoing development of iAcademy is accompanied by research into topical issues in the broad field of instructional design and educational technology.

App available on iOS and Android

Apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from www.iacademy.mobi, where you can also register for our authoring tool. You are welcome to contact us if you need any more information.