Online  /  November 22, 2021  -  December 17, 2021

Integrated Health

Technology Module

Healthcare of a patient involves many stakeholders, who work and live in different places in various circumstances, using a variety of tools, and processing specific parts of the electronic health record. Integrated healthcare allows the development of state of the art eHealth tools, which provide every stakeholder with efficient access to the data required for their work. This ensures personalised care plans for every patient available to all stakeholders, avoiding duplicate examinations and contradictory medications and facilitating optimised cost structures. Integrated healthcare eliminates proprietary data formats that lead to isolated data silos and stand-alone systems. Isolated systems do not extend potential benefits to their users, and cause high deployment and maintenance costs. The module will focus both on clinicians’ requirements such as interoperability and on the importance of patient empowerment in order to improve the entire healthcare journey.