Corporate Learning

New technologies - new rules of the game - new skills

We develop customized training programs for companies that are leading the way for innovation and transformative technologies.

Thanks to our reskilling and upskilling programs you will achieve skills with impact that enable you to: 

  • reduce costs
  • increase efficiency
  • bring forward innovations.


Fraunhofer with more than 70 institutes is a know-how powerhouse in the development and application of new technologies. Technologies are our passion, technology transfer is our mission.

We empower management teams, teams of experts and entire organizations to use the business potential of new technologies, for example for:

  • digitization of the product portfolio with new benefits for your customers
  • the increase in efficiency in the performance processes (faster, better, more flexible)
  • problem solving of technological challenges.

With the help of our customized training programs, you will accomplish the transformation to a digitized company.


Customized training for your company

Every company has to deal with individual and complex requirements. The core of our program is a comprehensive analysis and conception phase in order to develop a training specific for your needs.

Our programs are:

  • designed modularly
  • adapted specifically to your company and its needs
  • integrated directly into your work environment.

Our offers are suitable for decision-makers, designers and users. Our modules provide concrete core competencies, using integrative e-learning, workshops and project learning as tools to maximize your learning experience.