The Power of AI to Transforming Your Business

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a “general purpose technology” with repercussions in industries worldwide, leading to enhanced operational efficiencies, new sources of competitive advantage and new, innovative business models.

This paradigm shift calls for a new approach that merges global leadership with technological expertise. To bridge this need, IESE Business School and Fraunhofer Academy are joining forces for the first time ever to offer a singular program that addresses AI from both corporate strategy and implementation standpoints.



When: January - April 2023

Where: Online and at IESE On-Campus Munich and Barcelona

Costs: €12.575  




Georg Fuchs, Fraunhofer IAIS

Head of Business Unit Big Data Analytics & Intelligence, Fraunhofer
Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS

The Programm Overview

Programm online and on campus
Certificate IESE Business School and Fraunhofer certificate
Dates Online Modul 1: 09.-13. january 2023, Online
On-Campus Modul 2: 20.-23. february 2023, Munich
On-Campus Modul 3: 17.-20. april 2023, Barcelona
Sprache English
Content overview of the scope of artificial intelligence, the role of algorithm design, data and business strategy, organizational transformation and disruptive impact in competition, 100-day plan.
Cost Cost: €12.575€*
company teams: €30.000* (3 participants, if more employees of one company want to participate, it is calculated as group price + individual price)
IESE members Gebühr: €11.320*

The program fee includes academic materials and most meals during residential modules.
IESE Business School
World Leading Business School in Executive Education
Financial Times Ranking 2020: 1#
Fraunhofer IAIS The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS is the leading specialist science institute working at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Traget group

The program is designed for CEOs, board members, general managers, top-level executives, chief innovation officers and strategic decision makers who seek a stronger grasp of the opportunities and challenges of AI integrations in their organization and competitive landscape. Framed from a managerial perspective, the program does not require a technical background.

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Individual preparation of academic materials and readings.

Module 1
Understanding AI:

The first online module provides a solid overview of the scope of artificial intelligence and illustrates its possibilities
in business.

Module 2
A Deep Dive on AI:

In this module, participants examine the role of algorithm design and data strategy, as well as participate in a simulation, panel discussion and workshop to expand their knowledge of applying AI in business. 

Module 3
Making AI Happen:

The final module explores the implications of AI for the broader business, including its influence on core operations, organizational transformation, and disruptive impact in competition. Participants will take part in a workshop and commit to their 100-day plan.

Your Benefits

  1. Gain a managerial perspective of AI applications and their transformative impact on business operations.
  2. Examine the core challenges and opportunities of AI integration.
  3. Evaluate how AI impacts business models and sources of competitive advantage.
  4. Analyze how AI shapes your role as a senior leader.
  5. Explore the ethical implications of AI.
  6. Better understand your organization’s digital transformation.
  7. Design a 100-day corporate plan for immediate impact.