Intellectual Capital Statement

Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany

Drawing up an ICS – an intellectual capital statement, or Wissensbilanz in German – enables companies from all sectors to tap into new opportunities. It is an essential tool for preserving their competitive edge and keeping their business successful in the knowledge-based economy.

The Fraunhofer Academy’s course leading to an accredited qualification as an ICS Moderator, which is run in collaboration with the German research group Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz, is the first comprehensive course of study to provide a uniform, recognized procedure for systematically managing and reporting intellectual capital, or ‘soft success factors’.

The “Wissensbilanz – Made in ” method on which it is based draws on international experience and is the most broadly applied approach in among all industries and across all sizes of company.

This workshop-based approach to creating an ICS helps participants gain new insights into how their own company operates. It also provides concrete results in the form of prioritized recommendations for action to foster their company’s development and consistent reporting to ensure the structured communication of intellectual capital.

An accredited ICS Moderator…

  • works to the highest quality standards
  • is efficient
  • has a strong practical focus
  • ensures individualized benefits for the management of his/her own company or for consultancy clients
  • works with well-established methods

Intellectual Capital Statement – Intensive seminar (Stage 1)

March 3-4, 2016 in Berlin, June 6-7, 2016 in Frankfurt, November 17-18, 2016 in Munich

Intellectual Capital Statement – Application-oriented phase (Stage 2)

Intellectual capital statements can be submitted for expert assessment at any time.

Intellectual Capital Statement – Consolidation seminar (Stage 3)

Final seminar and examination

Intellectual Capital Statement – Brief overview

Overview of the three seminar stages

Franz Reinisch, CEO Reinisch AG:

“The Wissensbilanz style of intellectual capital statement has proved to be an efficient and effective corporate management tool – we see it as the cornerstone of our future corporate strategy.”

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