Industrial Computed Tomography

New standards for new test methods

Digital technologies are increasingly gaining ground in the field of non-destructive testing. New methods such as industrial computed tomography provide reliable results, particularly in the fields of fiber layer measurement, defect detection, spatially resolved density distribution and dimensional measuring. With advanced training in this field traditionally limited to the product courses offered by manufacturers, there was previously no standard qualification capable of comprehensively assessing issues of imaging quality and image evaluation.

This gap in the training market has now been filled by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. The tried-and-tested design of its seminars draws heavily on the Institute’s expertise in developing and applying computed tomography. The course employs a balanced mix of theoretical and practical activities to give students an expert understanding of the computed tomography process for non-destructive material testing using X-ray radiation.

As well as enabling participants to produce images using the 3D CT X-ray inspection machine and conduct practical simulations on the computers, the course also examines fundamental application issues. These include the differences between 2D and 3D CT, the planning and execution of an imaging process, analysis of the imaging object, data backup, documentation and various aspects of radiation shielding.

The course is aimed at skilled workers, technicians and engineers who operate 3D CT machines or who currently work or intend to work with this technology.

Dr. Thomas Wenzel, head of the Process-integrated Inspection Systems department at Fraunhofer IIS:

“The results you get using computed tomography have become indispensable thanks to their ability to offer a detailed insight into the internal structure of everything from simple cast parts to complex systems.”

Course details

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