Joining Technology in Electronics

Fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections HL 1

This course is aimed at production staff whose work includes the fabrication of soldered connections according to industry standards. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the reliable hand soldering of through-hole electronic components and presents the theory and practice of determining the optimum process parameters for various lead-free solders.

Key theoretical aspects

  • Fundamentals of soldering technology (solderability, wetting)
  • Substrate materials and solder fluxes
  • Soldering equipment, tools, requirements for soldering work stations, ESD protection
  • Component preparation (lead forming) and packaging
  • Assessment of solder joints and rework

Key practical aspects

  • Assembly and soldering of a sample circuit board according to industry standards
  • Rework of improperly soldered connections
  • Replacing electronic components using various desoldering methods
  • Processing stranded wires at support points
  • Fabricating wire-to-wire connections
  • Carrying out repairs on functional boards
  • Manipulating wires for modification purposes

Course details

March 14-17, 2016
Nov 21-24, 2016

No. of participants:
approx. 12 participants

Course fee:
€ 1,180