Joining Technology in Electronics

Fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections HL-THT / SMT

This course is aimed at production staff whose work includes the fabrication of soldered connections according to industry standards. This five-day course tackles the theoretical and practical aspects of the reliable hand soldering of through-hole components and SMT components. The practical side of the course includes the fabrication of hand soldered connections with all the lead-free solders that are currently favored in the industry, as well as demonstrations of how nitrogen influences the formation of the solder joint.

Key theoretical aspects

  • Fundamentals of soldering technology (solderability, wetting)
  • Substrate materials and solder fluxes
  • Soldering equipment and tools
  • Component preparation and assembly
  • Assessment of solder joints and rework

Key practical aspects

  • Assembly and soldering of THT and SMD components
  • Determining process parameters for different lead-free solders
  • Assessment of solder joints and rework

Course details

March 7-10, 2016
Nov 14-17, 2016

No. of participants:
approx. 12 participants

Course fee:
€ 1,230