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Fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections

The value chain in the electronics industry is facing radical changes, with application-specific know-how and hands-on experience gaining increasing importance in the assembly of electronic circuits. The effects of these changes are particularly noticeable in small and medium-sized enterprises which tend to focus on niche markets. Skilled workers can now obtain a qualification to demonstrate that their expertise in modern methods of packaging integrated circuits is up-to-date.

Since 1994, the Center for Interconnection Technologies (ZVE) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM has built up an excellent reputation across as a training center for the packaging of integrated circuits with a tried-and-tested combination of theoretical and practical elements. The ZVE at Fraunhofer IZM’s Oberpfaffenhofen site offers a wide range of practical, application-oriented courses in fabricating PCB assemblies using hand, wave and reflow soldering techniques, SMT rework and repair and solder-free assembly methods.

The Center’s certificate courses are one of the highlights of its training program: The ZVE training center is accredited by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (formerly known as the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits IPC) and offers courses leading to qualifications as both specialists and trainers. Quality is paramount at the European Space Agency (ESA), and the ZVE is proud of its status as an , which allows it to train people up as ESA Instructors.

Fraunhofer Academy courses:


Fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections HL 1

This course is aimed at production staff whose work includes the fabrication of soldered connections according to industry standards.

Fabrication of reliable hand soldered connections HL-THT / SMT

This five-day course tackles the theoretical and practical aspects of the reliable hand soldering of through-hole components and SMT components. The practical side of the course includes the fabrication of hand soldered connections with all the lead-free solders that are currently favored in the industry, as well as demonstrations of how nitrogen influences the formation of the solder joint.

Rework soldering of SMT parts SMT 3

Compared to through-hole technology, rework and repair of SMT assemblies require a significantly greater investment in specialized tools and personnel training due to the wide variety of housings. This course familiarizes participants with the latest tools and devices in the field of SMT repair. Participants also learn a number of different repair techniques.

Alfred Reisch, Measurement Laboratory, Design & Development, MAGNET-SCHULTZ GmbH & Co.:

“We are very pleased indeed with the courses and have no hesitation in giving them top marks! The ZVE and its trainers have demonstrated tremendous levels of professionalism. The courses were praised so highly by our employees that their supervisors ended up attending the course, too.”


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