Strategic Open Government Data provision

This course addresses the organization and technical understanding of open data, a strategic approach to data management and provides useful tools for practical implementation and thus aims at the promotion of knowledge on appropriate organizational and strategic requirements in public administration fostering publication of public data resources as open data and linked data. It is geared towards middle management in public sector bodies without any or much prior knowledge on open data provision.

Course facts

Date: July, 3 2017

Type of course: Blended learning seminar

Course fee: 1450 €


EIT Digital Professional School


Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems

Format Blended learning Seminar  
1,5 days: 6hrs. online learning + 1 day workshop
+ 1,5 days online for preparation and homework (to embed insights into individual work context)
1.450 €
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Course Curriculum

1) Introduction to Open Data

  • First definition of “Open Data”
  • Political origin and history of Open Data
  • Overview of existing Open Data landscape and infrastructure
  • Stakeholders
  • Costs and benefits
  • Success stories

2) Technical aspects of Open Data

  • Taming formats and their diversity
  • Documentation, descriptions, meta-data

3) Organizational, legal, and strategic aspects of Open Data

  • Strategic approach to Open Data
  • Understanding various Open Data stakeholders and their possibly conflicting interests
  • Determining which data must, may, or must not be published
  • Organizational impact

4) Practical approach to implementation of an Open Data strategy

  • Steps towards an implementation
  • Hands on for course participants


After taking this course, you will be able to:

1. Start to design an open data strategy in alignment with your organization’s objectives

2. Bring forward the process of opening up of your public sector body

3. Understand better the relevance of open data and systematic data management for your organization

  • Public sector managers and executives
  • IT and organizational development professionals in public sector bodies
  • Pracitioners in the different topical domains of the public sector

Jens Klessmann has received his M.Sc. (Dipl.Ing.) at TU Dortmund and since January 2014 is Head of Open Service Engineering Unit and since 2016 Deputy Head of Unit Digital Public Services at Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin. He works as a researcher since 2006 with focus on electronic government and governance. He received his Ph.D. in 2016 at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, focusing on collaborative governance in implementing Open Government Data. At Fraunhofer FOKUS he works on projects about public sector information provisioning as well as collaborative eGovernance. He has led national and international Open Government Data projects, among others the implementation of the National German Open Data Portal and the European Data Portal.