European Battery Business Club (EBBC)

European Battery Business Club

What is the EBBC?

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The demand for skilled workforce in the battery field is multiplying corresponding to the expected high increase in the production capacities for batteries in Europe. Therefore, there is an enormous need for training in the battery field. Especially if you are a professional with work experience who wants or has to expand your knowledge in the battery field to start or continue your career in this promising industry sector in Europe. The European Battery Business Club (EBBC) program offers a competent, innovative and high-quality vocational training for these professionals. Helping industries and thereby the European economy to overcome the skill-gap in the workforce, which seems to be a crucial innovation barrier. 


The training program offers a broad battery knowledge along the whole battery value chain that can be aquired while taking technical, chemical and economical aspects into account.

Why the EBBC?
  • Innovative online learning platform trough a combination of short micro-learnings formats like webinars, podcasts, quizzes, speaker series and videos ensuring a motivating and attractive learning approach
  • Subscription model, which grants access for 12 months for subscribers. Learners can flexibly decide how to integrate learning into their daily work. Having access to the platform whenever they want to and wherever they are, allows independent and asynchronous learning. This approach ensures geographical independence and guarantees low barriers for learners
  • In addition, synchronous formats like online live workshops or expert discussions guarantee networking in the battery field
Target group
  • Professionals with work experience wanting to expand their knowledge in the battery sector
  • Professionals, either managers, engineers or technical experts, who have been working in a different technical area so far

The program

In this program two introductory modules and three content tracks that highlight focus areas along the value chain/circular economy will be made available. Because the presented program is still under development, a free opportunity to participate in pilot trainings is offered. This pilot phases only allow a limited number of participants in the beginning. The program is funded by EIT Raw Materials.

Introductory modules

Battery Cosmos & Battery Data

Cross-cutting knowledge including general insights in the battery market, policies and regulations as well as data-management skills along the whole value and supply chain, also establishing the required digital mindset.

Battery Materials

Provides a concise overview of the different materials used in a battery. It starts from the basics including active materials and then focuses on electrolyte and electrode formulations and cell chemistry. In addition performance aspects, critical and next generation materials will be explained.

Cell Manufacturing

Gives a detailed overview of the entire process chain. Topics like material handling, paste production, the coating process, assembling, electrolyte filling and formation, next generation of batteries, green production and quality control will be discussed here. 

Dismantling & Recycling

Explains the battery circular economy starting with end-of-life regulations and logistics. Then the track focuses on recycling and reuse of batteries in connection with dismantling and testing, taking the economical and ecological aspects into account.


Coming soon!

The registration for our upcoming courses will be open from december 2023 on. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Immerse yourself in the world of batteries with us and discover the right course for you. Whether you are a battery expert, an interested professional from another field, a specialist, a student or a trainee - everyone will find the right course and lots of background knowledge on the subject of batteries. The establishment of the European Learning Lab Battery Cells ELLB is a lively community with a wide range of innovative upskilling and reskilling offers on the subject of batteries, which is playing its part in actively shaping and advancing qualification in the battery sector in Europe.

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Partners of the EBBC

The EBBC project was mainly supported by EIT Raw Materials, the University of Ljubljana and the University of Uppsala.

EBBC Partners
The EBBC project was mainly supported by EIT Raw Materials, the University of Ljubljana and the University of Uppsala.