Social Media

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In our social media channels we inform you about upcoming course dates, events and trade fairs of the Fraunhofer Academy as well as about current projects and educational news.


Why we use Social Media

  1. We want to give Fraunhofer a face; to show transparently and authentically what makes us unique as a research institute.
  2. We want to get in touch with potential employees, also and especially through the direct recommendation of employees.
  3. Wir wollen das in uns gesetzte Vertrauen aufbauen und ausbauen; mitreden und mitgestalten, wenn über Fraunhofer im Netz gesprochen wird.
  4. We want to build and expand the trust placed in us; to have our say and help shape the way Fraunhofer is talked about on the web.
  5. We want to be an active part of open scientific discourse.