Fraunhofer Academy Team


Dr. Roman Götter - Head of Fraunhofer Academy

Dr. Götter is head of the Fraunhofer Academy. He runs the central office of the Fraunhofer Academy at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s headquarters in Munich. From 1996 to 2006 he joined the company IXOS Software AG as a consultant and product manager. He set up the training programs for IXOS’s software products and services and built-up extensive experience in finding the best ways of communicating complex materials in a training context.


Martin Priester - Education Management

Martin Priester is responsible for program development and monitoring in the Fraunhofer Academy’s education management team. Mr Priester studied education at Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf, with continuing education and consulting as his areas of specialization. Before joining the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, he worked on quality management projects and as a seminar facilitator in the field of continuing education and training.


Lena Barahona - Program Management

Since April 2019 Lena Barahona is responsible for the Programm Management within the area of Executive Education of the Fraunhofer Academy. 


Dr. Sandra Ebert - Corporate Learning & Education

Dr. Sandra Ebert has been working for the Fraunhofer Academy since September 2019 as a Learning & Development Professional in the field of Corporate Learning and is responsible for the development and implementation of innovative learning and development programs for companies.


Theresia Gierull - Communication and Program Management

Theresia Gierull has been responsible for the communication and marketing strategy in the project "Cybersecurity Training Lab" since May 2017.


Jutta Haubenreich - Education Management & Online Marketing

Jutta Haubenreich is responsible for program management and online marketing in the Fraunhofer Academy’s education management team. Before she started working at the Fraunhofer Academy in 2009 Ms Haubenreich studied communication science at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, subsequently completing a Master of Arts in market and media research.


Dr. Carmen Köhler - Smart Coding and Learning

Carmen Köhler joined Fraunhofer IAIS in May 2021 and works in the business area Smart Coding and Learning with a focus on AI. 


Sarah Lechner - Process and Event Management

Sarah Lechner has been working as a team assistant at the Fraunhofer Academy since early 2011. After obtaining her school-leaving qualifications in economics and law at the end of 2008, she successfully completed her traineeship as an office administrator at the headquarters of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in between 2008 and 2011.

Elly Leimenstoll - Communication and Program Management

Since September 2019, Elly Leimenstoll has taken responsibility for the central marketing and communication of the Cyber Security Training Lab.


Eva Poxleitner - Education Management & Learning Technologies

Since Febuary 2012 Eva Poxleitner is responsible for learning technologies in the Fraunhofer Academy’s education management team. In particular for the project "iAcademy - Mobile Learning with the Fraunhofer Academy". After graduating with a diploma in multimedia designer (design and computer science) she studied Master of Science in Industrial Design at the TU Munich from 2009-2011.


Franziska Marie Purr - Corporate Learning

Franziska Purr started working for the Fraunhofer Academy in May 2021 as a Learning Professional in the Corporate Learning business unit with a focus on battery technology.


Armin Ritter – Corporate Learning & Education

Armin Ritter is responsible for Corporate Learning & Education at the Fraunhofer Academy since 2015.


Adem Salgin - Event Management

Adem Salgin is working for the Fraunhofer Academy since Januar 2017 and is responsible for event management.

After obtaining his technical college in economics in 2006, he successfully completed his traineeship as an office administrator between 2008 and 2011.

He has worked as an Event Manager in the headquarters of the Frauhofer-Gesellschaft between 2011 and 2016.

From 2012 to 2015, he studied part-time at the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts Akademie (VWA) in Munich where he graduated as a Diplom Betriebswirt (VWA).


Dr. Raphaela Schätz- Quality and Program Management

Dr. Raphaela Schätz is responsible for didactics and quality management at the Fraunhofer Academy since October 2016.


Manuel Smid - Team Assistent

Manuel Smid is working as a team assistant for Fraunhofer Academy since early 2015.  


Karla Sosa - International Education Management

Karla Sosa is working since 2012 for the Fraunhofer Academy’s international education management team. She is responsible for the design and implementation of international e-learning programs and supports the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Academy's international partners. She finished her MBA, specializing in International Management, at the European School of Business (ESB) in Reutlingen in 2011.