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Leading Digital Transformation requires both an understanding of technologies driving the  change,  as  well  as  the  ability  to  lead  the  organisational  transformation.  A  robust  business  model  that  leverages  advanced  technologies  is  therefore  the  key  to  innovation and sustained value creation. Through a six-month period and three weeks of in-class modules, the executive certificate program Leading Digital Transformation (LDT) has been tailored to the needs of the business leaders and decision makers in the digital age. It aims at providing them with a framework to analyze and develop an innovative blueprint for their companies to embrace the wave of digital transformation. Case studies, industry visits and interviews with business leaders who are implementing digital transformation are keys elements of the curriculum. Hands-on workshops are also a staple of the program, such as business modeling workshops with industry leaders.

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Die digitale Transformation vereinfacht den Zugriff auf Informationen.
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WEEK 1 (6 DAYS) IIM Bangalore WEEK 2 (6 DAYS) FAU / Fraunhofer IIS WEEK 3 (3 DAYS) Indian participants will come to IIM Bangalore. German participants will join virtually.
  Week 1 (6 Days)
Week 2 (6 Days) Week 3 (3 Days)
March 8-13, 2021 May 3-8, 2021 July 14-16, 2021
Bangalore (India) Nürnberg (Germany) Bangalore, India (Online for German participants)
Monday - Saturday Monday - Saturday Wednesday-Friday

The programme is structured around 5 key pillars.

1. The technology behind Digital Transformation: Participants get an insight into various disruptive technologies at the core of digital transformation.
2. Value creation through Innovative Business Models: This module will focus on how to build value around some of the underlying technological building blocks, including cocreation and open innovation methods.
3. Intrapreneurship: Case studies on how large and mature organizations have created entirely new lines of business by setting up a new culture of innovation and intrapreneurship.
4. Business Plan: Participants would create a business plan to lead digital transformation in their own companies.
5. Strategic thinking and leadership: Developing strategic thinking and the ability to lead self and others through complexity and change.


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The tuition fee covers all instruction during the three modules; required books and other pedagogical materials including self-learning materials; coaching, tutoring and other inter-modular support. Programme fee does not include the travel and living expenses for the three modules.
Programme fee is € 7900 + VAT per participant which is payable in two instalments as per the schedule indicated below:


€ 4200 + VAT 1st Instalment on or before February 2021
€ 3700 + VAT 2nd Instalment on or before April 2021


Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a joint certificate of completion from the partner institutes IIM Bangalore and FAU.


The organizations interested in nominating their employees and individuals interested in the Programme may apply online for the 2020 Programme.

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Participants interested in the Programme may contact FAU at the above-mentioned address for clarifications, if any.