Modul »CPS-Series F1: Communication in Modern Production Systems«

The first module of the CPS-Series aims at an overview on the basic communication technologies in modern production facilities. The trainers will provide a survey on common theoretical concepts as well as corresponding technologies that implement the concepts – like OPC UA, DDS and RabbitMQ.

Within this module, semantic modeling in different application areas and middleware solutions that allow data centered communication in dynamic distributed systems are exemplified. The module contains several practical units. As a conclusion, the participants implements an integrated solution on real hardware.

Target groups: Mechanical or Electrical Engineers

Duration: 2-3 days

Language: English

Costs: 590 € per participant and day (basic calculation). Individual cost calculation on request.

Learning locations: according to prior agreement in your company or within one of our Institutes.

Schedules: Enterprise specific on demand

Characteristics of the Module:

  • Hands-on qualification based on state-of-the-art infrastructure (scientific labs and fabs)
  • Transfer of latest knowledge from research
  • Top quality provided by lectureres from RWTH Aachen

Introduction to communication networks in modern production systems (intra-device / device-2-device / machine-2-machine / machine-2-application / intra-factory)

From intra-device to inter-machine communication using DDS

Modern robotics using microservices in ROS

Making information explicit using ontology-based modelling

Machine-2-machine communication using OPC UA

Bringing it all together - holistic communication

Regarding any type of question contact Armin Ritter, Fraunhofer Academy.